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What you can do to help end ageism

In recent articles, I’ve profiled some incredible individuals who are contributing to an end to ageism in their work, writing and activities.

Now I’d like to help you contribute to this cause if you feel it is important to you.

Here are 4 key things you can do this week to contribute your wonderful voice and intellect to the cause.

  1. Call it out — As encouraged by the EveryAge Counts team, you need to know what ageism is, and name it when you see it. This means pushing back on the people and organisations who exhibit this behaviour in their workplaces, language and actions.

  2. Have a morning tea — On October 1st we are going to observe our first ever Ageism Awareness Day in Australia. Go to the EveryAge Counts website and sign up to have a morning tea(even virtual) with your network to discuss this topic.

  3. Share the posts of anyone you see who is active in highlighting both the problem and solutions. Companies like Wise Seniors, Recruit50Plus, Maturious, Silver Bullets. Individuals like Chip Conley, Bradley Schurman, Ken Dychtwald, Ashton Applewhite, Wendy Mayhew, John Lonergan, Marlene Krasovitsky

  4. Share the campaign of the World Health Organisation. This global campaign is running right now and they have awesome resources you can access including ready made social posts for sharing. (

So there you go. That is a start to a list of positive things you can do to get involved in helping end ageism. Of course, giving mature workers a go in your organisation. Calling out ageist comments. And many other things are important.

Thanks for your contribution in advance.

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