Hunter Leonard - Speaker

Hunter Leonard - Founder of Silver & Wise - is an accomplished and in demand MC and speaker. He speaks on a number of important business topics such as strategic marketing and also social issues like ageism and the waste of experience. 

He has delivered over 750 presentations to more than twenty thousand business owners, government and charitable organisations.

In the role of MC at our recent multi-day retreat, with the theme of philanthropy, Hunter was professional, prepared, kind and gentle. Hunter has a unique and special way of connecting with those in the audience beyond the usual ways of commanding a room.
Sammi Jaeger - Dent Global

Thank you for the amazing job you have done for Resilium over many years as a Conference MC, a keynote speaker and as a workshop facilitator. You have a very engaging style and your use of humour immediately relaxes participants enabling them to focus on the subject matter of your delivery.
Adrian Kitchin - Managing Director, Resilium Insurance Broking

Hunter was MC at a 2-Day event for entrepreneurs that I attended recently. I was a
speaker at the event and a delegate, so I have a double perspective into his performance as MC. He set the tone perfectly for the event and he managed to establish an amazing energy, effortlessly, from the very beginning through the traditional afternoon slump and right up to the very end. He’s an absolute professional and I can wholeheartedly recommend him. If you have an event and want an MC that can connect with your audience and keep their energy levels high, but do it in a lovely understated way - Hunter is your man!
Carolyn Madden-Butler

You can download his speaker kit here. 

Or watch a showreel from more than thirty years of presentations below.

Podcast Appearances

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