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This Shit has to Stop

70% of companies who have an age above which they prefer NOT to hire, set that age at 50!



Given the ever-increasing life expectancy of our population, that may well be only halfway through most people's lives.

No one - unless they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth can afford to self-fund their own 50 year retirement.

And besides - at the age of 50 - most men and women have a huge level of gas still in their tank.

Many are just getting started on the most productive and valuable years of their lives.

And outdated, ageist behaviours and attitudes of recruiters and organisations are choosing this age to push these people out beyond the GREY SIDELINE.

Governments already know they can't afford to fund this many people's retirements from the social purse. Not with a wave of baby boomers and Gen X reaching the so called retirement age of 65 or 70 over the next couple of decades.

In the USA, the figure is a mind boggling ten thousand people A DAY!

Economists and researchers say there is are trillions of dollars of benefits to economies from engaging mature workers.

Scientists are telling us, todays older persons are more physically and mentally capable than previous generations.

Even more scientists tell us mature workers have superior soft skills, are more productive and loyal than other age groups.

The RIGHT TO WORK is enshrined in the United Nations Human Right Articles as Article #23.

All of this evidence and research and the very foundation of our rights as humans are saying we need to do better. We must do better. We can do better.

We need to have a world that embraces mature people as productive, connected, bright, experienced and valued members of our society.

That is why this SHIT has to stop.

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