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Over 50 and feeling undervalued? This book is for you!


Ageism is rampant in Australia, and the resulting damage to the individual, the community and the economy is really yet to be appreciated by many. And yet, as Hunter explains in this book, it is perhaps the biggest threat to our modern society. If you’re over 50 and have experienced ageism - and are now finding it difficult to work out how to be financially secure for the rest of your life - you must read this book.

Hunter started his mission helping mature age Aussies in the book Generation Experience - where he documented the 8 steps to mature age business success. Now he tackles the next challenge, with positive and practical steps for any mature person to design their future. The future of work isn’t about finding a job - it is about generating a source of income where you can be productive, valued and ultimately prosperous for the rest of your life. 

At work, Hunter wears many hats. As an ageism activist; a business owner; marketer; author of seven books and sought after master of ceremonies and speaker. His passions include bushwalking, writing, cooking, photography and music. His mission is to help mature individuals take control of their life, be valued, and be prosperous. 

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