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How Mature Aussies Are Transitioning to a Future of Work

This article is about the steps that you can take when you are transitioning from one job to another as a mature individual.

In Australia many people over the age of 45 experience discrimination due to their age. In fact the Human Rights Commission reports it to be as high as 27% of all mature job seekers.

As a result can be quite difficult to find a new job. Silver and wise have created a new methodology to help mature age people transition from one job to another.

This article describes this methodology which is delivered as part of our Silver & Wise NEXT services:

Firstly, you need to understand your current situation in regards to job experience current skills financial situation etc. This should include a reality check on how likely you are to be able to secure a new job in your field of expertise against the background of age discrimination in the Australian job market.

Secondly, you need to set some goals and aspirations for the future. Setting goals allows you to consider the future that you want to achieve for yourself and your family.

Thirdly, you can begin working on action plans that will help you achieve the goals you have set.

Sometimes future goals can seem a long way away, and therefore impossible to achieve.

However, by breaking down goals into smaller more achievable steps, you will find it easier to make progress towards your goals on a daily weekly monthly and quarterly basis.

A fourth step in the process of transitioning from one job to another is to understand the market and value for your skills as an individual and to identify any gaps in your current skills so you can make sure you are seen as a high value candidate.

Remember we are operating in an environment where youth and energy appears to have a higher value with organisations and recruiters that experience and wisdom.

This means that you will have to put a good case forward to encourage recruiters and organisations to look beyond your calendar age or birthdate.

Finally, once you have identified any gaps in your skills, you should put in place an action plan to build on those skills and close the gap.

There is no doubt that transitioning from one job to another is harder today than it has ever been for mature age individuals.

Nevertheless, by following this five-step methodology, you will place yourself at the top of the list for finding another satisfied and well remunerated job for yourself.

Today's market requires that you go beyond your experience and your resume to understand your currency and value in today's environment.

We hope you enjoy the journey and look forward to helping you achieve financial prosperity for yourself and your family.

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