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In a rapidly ageing world individuals will live, learn and earn longer. We can no longer sideline our more mature workforces or make judgements of peoples skills and motivations based on the single marker of age. In his previous books Hunter explored the world’s of business ownership  Generation Experience and the future of work and freelancing - The Experience Equation. In this book, Hunter sets out a plan for how all of us can embrace a world that is more mature. Meaning we will have a higher proportion of mature workers and a higher proportion of mature people starting and running a business. It will take deep thinking, practical solutions and hard work from the individual mature person, from businesses of all sizes and from government and organisations at all levels of society. But if we want to live in a world that isn’t suffering from maturity blues, it is work that must be done and it must be done now. The effort must first and foremost centre on productivity. Meaning, we need to foster a culture where mature people can work as long as they like. Where businesses value their experience and wisdom and invest in continuing training at all ages. And finally, a world where governments enact policy that is no longer reasonable about ageism and that inspires and incentivises a multi generational workforce.

Maturity Blues - Australia Only

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