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Three things you can do to better manage your team

When you start growing your business to the point of needing help, things can get tricky. In fact the reason why over 60% of businesses never expand is because the owner can't take the step up to employing and managing people.

Yes legislation can be confusing and tricky, and people can be expensive.

But this shouldn't stop a good business from growing.

So what should you do.

Our first recommendation of course is to understand and follow your local legislation in relation to hiring and paying your staff. Treat them decently, with respect and as humans - not just 'resources' or 'slaves'.

Beyond that there are some really simple things you can do to make life easier for you and your staff. They may sound like common sense, but you'd be surprised how uncommon these things are in small business.

Hire social people - it is really important to hire people who care about others, and are 'social'. People who volunteer their time, who want to make a difference and who aren't selfish make better staff.

Tell them what their job is - most social people want to be productive. So it is really important to give people a written description of their job and the tasks you expect them to do. And spend time showing or explaining your expectations in relation to these tasks.

This of course includes training them to do it the way you want. Hiring smart people who have experience and wisdom is always a good thing because chances are - once they know what is expected - they'll do a better job than you anyway.

Orient your people to the overall goals - tell your team how their role fits into your overall goals for the business. Orient them to the business, the local area, your clients, suppliers. Imagine they are in a new country and don't speak the language. Welcome them and show them around and help them understand how they fit in.

Keep them informed - over time, tell them how they are doing in relation to their job responsibilities with regular performance reviews and business updates. Good people want to do well at their job, and want to contribute to overall success.

When exiting someone - whether this is firing them, or making a position redundant, or simply helping someone leave who has resigned - treat the person with respect and as a human - and in line with legislation.

With these simple tools, hiring and growing a great team can be a lot easier.

Enjoy the journey.

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