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The Main Game

In uncertain times when there is a threat to your business, there is always going to be a temptation to focus all your energy on that threat.

But it isn't the main game.

You need to put any business threat into context in your business.

Sure, include it in your planning along with everything else.

But don't make it the main game.

Your main game is the survival and prosperity of your business.

Your main game is to come up with solutions to continue growth in the face of any and all challenges.

In this current situation, you may be face with challenges like:

- how do I have my staff work at home and still be productive? - how do I service clients if my staff are at home?

- how can i add value for clients to ensure they keep buying from me right now? home delivery? a well cleaned office location? infection control policies?

- how can I work with suppliers to smooth cashflow issues?

The truth is, the greatest skills of a business owner are the ability to observe and the ability to solve.

In observing the environment, like a sailor you can see what is coming or what has happened.

And from this observation you can focus on solutions, rather than problems.

Please don't make the virus the main game, make it the long term prosperity of your business - you need it to be successful, your staff need it to be successful, and your community and country needs you to be successful no matter what.

So let's go!

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