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Passion-Driven Public Relations

Public relations (PR) can sometimes have a terrible reputation.

And often the motivation for getting your business in the paper is purely ego or sales. But true PR can be defined as “Making the world aware of your good works.” This is publicity driven by your passion for doing good, for making a difference, for shepherding in a change in some area of the world we live in.

Many entrepreneurs have a social passion that is supported from their business. Some align their business 100% to this social cause, others simply build a successful business and then support something they want to help.

In this article, I want to share my thoughts on two specific cases of publicity which I believe demonstrate this in spades and I hope they inspire you to look for relevant passion-driven PR for your business:

CASE #1.

Elon Musk is a very successful entrepreneur who has a very different dream to others; he wants humanity to be a multi-planetary civilisation no less! I can’t recall beyond science fiction writers if I’ve ever heard anyone else express that as a goal.

He aligns his PR with his brands and business goals very well; like putting a Tesla Roadster in the recent rocket he launched. Who else would have thought of that? And offering the world’s largest battery to the South Australian Government with a done in 100 days or it’s free offer. How could they resist?

CASE #2.

The second example of passion-driven PR is Daniel Flynn of Thank You. With his wife Justine and colleagues, Daniel has built a purpose-driven business based on some pretty big goals. Fresh water to everyone on the planet is just one. Sales of his products contribute to projects around the world chasing these goals.

Daniel’s PR strategy is driven by this purpose. There is nothing he won’t try to gain the attention of the media or potential large customers; including social media campaigns, flying helicopters around the head office of Coles, and so forth.


But when there is a true passion that does good for some element of the community, PR morphs into its truest purpose; to share your good works and enhance your brand as a result.

You can do this sort of passion inspired PR at any level or any geography. What is your passion for your local community if you’re a Small Business? No graffiti? No drugs? No violence? Every child gets a good breakfast? Or maybe your goals are global or interstellar like Elon and Daniel.

Either way, find your true passion and use this to drive your public relations to new levels.

Originally published on Smallville.

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