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No excuses for Ageism!

It's ok because we have a young culture!

It's ok because mature people staying in jobs keeps young people unemployed!

It's ok because my client told me too!

It's ok because mature people are not tech savvy!


There are no excuses.

The evidence tells us that all of these excuses and justifications above are FALSE.

There is no excuse for AGEISM - period!

It is in fact illegal.

Mature people can be just as qualified for any job. It's about the individuals work experience, skills, and fit for the job. It is not about their age.

Mature people can be tech savvy. They can be energetic. They can be many things.

But being discounted from a job because of their age is both inappropriate, and wrong.

Face it. We live in a society that is ageing. More and more of the workforce will be aged over 40 in the coming decades.

We need to start working with, not against mature workers if we are to benefit from their wisdom and experience and create a more prosperous future for our country, our companies and our individuals.

Ageism is now being proved to result in financial insecurity and personal health issues - even life expectancy.

We need every recruiter, every company, everyone to push back against ageism. Against any age. And we need to do it now.

No excuses.

Thank you.

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