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Mind the Gap

There has been a lot of discussion about Josh Frydenburg's announcement about older workers. No surprise that the Australian Government is worried about productivity, taxpayers, and the social purse. They are not alone - every developed ageing society worries about how they will fund a continued civil society.

However, my view is that debating whether you retire at 65 or 67 is not the main game. 

Our huge problem is the gap between our retirement age and the age at which many organisations DON'T WANT TO HIRE.

That age is 50. 

And therefore between 50 and retirement - currently 16 years and soon to be 17 - is actually the productivity gap we need to close.

We need to continue to value, and allow 50+ individuals to continue to produce in what is probably the most important decade and a half in their preparation for retirement - the costs of kids and mortgages are diminishing and this is when they can really build their retirement/self funded retirement nest egg.

We must stop the rampant ageism in the mature age segment and the retirement funding will take care of itself. 

This is where Silver & Wise is focussing our effort - where the biggest productivity boost can be gained. 

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