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Lift up your voice and end Ageism

Lift up your voice and end Ageism

More voices than ever before are joining the chorus for an end to the last great ‘ism’. Diversity and inclusion has been a growing topic in business and society for several years now — and rightly so.

But one ‘ism’ has been left behind and its time is now. That last ism is Ageism.

Who are the voices leading the charge for an end to ageism?

Internationally, a major global campaign was launched earlier this year by the World Health Organisation(WHO) — in the noise of the pandemic you may not have heard about it. But WHO has called Ageism a ‘scourge on society’.

Authors like Ashton Applewhite — ‘This Chair Rocks’ and Bradley Schurman — ‘The Super Age’ are amongst a growing pantheon of writers examining this scourge and proffering solutions for a world where Ageism is no more.

Closer to home, Noni Hazlehurst fronted an episode of the SBS Documentary — “What does Australia think about?” — examining the issue of ageism and how our mature and older citizens are treated.

SBS as an organisation obviously has diversity at the heart of its charter. But did you know they have a phenomenally productive division that creates courses on diversity and inclusion for organisations and their employees?

The EveryAge Counts team are getting organisations and individuals to take the pledge to help end Ageism.

The late Susan Ryan and her successor — Dr Kay Patterson — as Age Discrimination Commissioner’s have been conducting rigorous research on the topic of ageism and tirelessly championing a more inclusive society through their work at the Human Rights Commission.

The voices of a few are becoming a chorus of many.

And we will see this momentum continue to increase.

And it is about time too.

You can join the discussion and host your own virtual or in-person morning tea with your team as part of the First Ageism Awareness Day — Register here

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