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The Experience Equation

This book was written to help mature individuals who want to create a future where their experience is valued. It includes tools and tips to help you take back control and plan your own future. Also a deep look at the future of work, dozens of interviews with inspirational mature Aussies and a look at the steps in your journey to the future. Already a HOT NEW RELEASE on AMAZON. Get your copy now.

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Generation Experience

Mature Aussies are being discriminated against at an alarming rate. They are one of the fastest growing group of unemployed. And a significant proportion are turning to business ownership to secure their financial future. In this book, I provide 8 steps to ensure success in any business - learning from the feedback of over 10000 business owners. An introduction to the services of our business Silver & Wise. Click on the book image to buy on AMAZON or email us for a printed and signed copy from the author. Read more about the book HERE

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Maturity Blues - Now Available

In a rapidly ageing world individuals will live, learn and earn longer. We can no longer sideline our more mature workforces or make judgements of peoples skills and motivations based on the single marker of age. In his previous books Hunter explored the world’s of business ownership  Generation Experience and the future of work and freelancing - The Experience Equation. In this book, Hunter sets out a plan for how all of us can embrace a world that is more mature. Meaning we will have a higher proportion of mature workers and a higher proportion of mature people starting and running a business. It will take deep thinking, practical solutions and hard work from three main stakeholders - government, organisations and individuals.

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