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The Experience Equation

This book was written to help mature individuals who want to create a future where their experience is valued. It includes tools and tips to help you take back control and plan your own future. Also a deep look at the future of work, dozens of interviews with inspirational mature Aussies and a look at the steps in your journey to the future. Already a HOT NEW RELEASE on AMAZON. Get your copy on AMAZON by clicking the book image or email us for a printed and signed copy from the author. It is also available in selected bookstores - see the STOCKISTS list here. Read more about the book HERE

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Generation Experience

Mature Aussies are being discriminated against at an alarming rate. They are one of the fastest growing group of unemployed. And a significant proportion are turning to business ownership to secure their financial future. In this book, I provide 8 steps to ensure success in any business - learning from the feedback of over 10000 business owners. An introduction to the services of our business Silver & Wise. Click on the book image to buy on AMAZON or email us for a printed and signed copy from the author. Read more about the book HERE