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Silver and Wise is delighted to be a strategic partner to the Hearing Business Alliance. As part of our partnership we offer a wide range of books, courses and coaching in marketing and general business ownership skills. 


You can find a short description of these services and the pricing below.


One short note about group services - these will only be run when we have enough businesses to start an intake and if you are interested in these, we'll get an expression of interest from you and be in touch when we have the required participant numbers ready to go.


Products and Services (special HBA group prices)


Our published books are available from $25-35+gst and cover various topics in business and marketing. 


Relevant Books are:

  • Marketing has no off switch - R.A.P.I.D - The 5 steps to marketing that have created over

  • Get your Marketing Cooking - using cooking as an analogy, how to plan your marketing

  • Generation Experience - 8 steps to business success

  • How to get more customers - e-book only

  • The Art of Communication - e-book only

  • $2billion in revenue growth for clients



There are also basic courses available for $195+gst per course. These include a course on marketing, a course on starting a business, and finally a course on strategies for running an effective business.

Relevant Courses are:



  • The Marketing has no Off Switch Book Course

  • The Get your Marketing Cooking Book Course

  • The Generation Experience Book Course

  • Strategy and Leadership

  • Marketing and PR

  • Sales

  • Managing Money

  • Managing Quality

  • Managing People

  • Client Service

  • Adapting to Change


All courses above are available in a tutored version with the addition of a 45 min online session for $495+gst.


In the tutored version, we will also review and provide feedback on any course answers that the participant submits.

Finally, there is the Starting a Business Course, which comprises 8 modules for aspiring new Audiology Business Owners.


This course will be priced at $1295+gst and includes full access to over 160 tools, resources and content.

A tutored version of this course is available for $3295+gst.


In either version of course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Group Programs - We have created four HBA group programs for smaller member businesses

These require a minimum 8-10 businesses to enrol before an intake begins. They are priced at $895+gst per business. These group programs include a weekly Zoom Webinar where all registered participants attend and we cover one specific topic per Webinar over the course of the program. We record each week if you can’t attend, and you can access all content and all resources for life. 

These would normally be priced at around $1800-2400 per participant, so this represents around a 50% discount for you as a member of HBA

The 5 Steps to Better Marketing Group Program

Week 1 - Research
Week 2 - Analyse
Week 3 - Plan
Week 4 - Implement
Week 5 - Detect

The 8 Steps to a more successful business Program

Week 1 - Strategy and Leadership including goal setting
Week 2 - Marketing and PR
Week 3 - Sales
Week 4 - Managing Money
Week 5 - Managing People
Week 6 - Client Service
Week 7 - Managing Quality
Week 8 - Adapting to Change

The 8 Week Goal Getters Program

Week 1 - Orientation Workshop - getting all participants together and covering what we will be working on.

Week 2 - Time Management - we’ll cover this topic early because it is important you free up time to work ON the business or project and avoid the old problems you’ve always had that have stopped you reaching your goals

Week 3 - Goals Workshop - specifically designed to help you decide on what goals to set for your business

Week 4 - Programming - in this workshop we will cover how to beak down big goals into doable action plans and program

Week 5 - Bright Shiny Objects and Big Rocks Workshop - how to avoid dead ends, shiny objects and get what is important to you

Week 6 - Battle Planning - the small daily, weekly activities and aligning them to your overall goals?

Week 7 - Values Workshop - we’ll discuss the core values of someone with a strategic mindset

Week 8 - Success Workshop - celebrating milestones and reaching goals

The final and 4th Group Program is for affiliate or associate members who are yet to start a business

This will be an 8-Week Course - Starting a New Business and consist of the following modules:

1. Setting goals and a strategy plan for your new business
2. Understanding customers, competition and the market
3. How to sell your products or services to your first prospective customer
4. How to manage money in a new business
5. How to manage the people you’ll need on your side in a new business
6. How to deliver on promises and meet the expected quality standard
7. How to service your clients as you grow
8. How to be sure you are ready for change in your new business



1-2-1 Introductory Coaching - We have two intro coaching programs available  HBA - There are two packages priced at $995+gst and $2495+gst.

Program One is a basic kick-starter for either marketing or business strategy and involves:

- Copies of relevant book.
- Two online sessions with a coach
- Resources including templates, worksheets

Program Two is a more in-depth program helping embed strong marketing or business ownership practices and involves:

- Copies of relevant books and courses.
- Four online sessions with a coach
- Benchmarking
- Pre and post-work
- Access to complete online library of resources


Bespoke Coaching - if you need more in-depth or longer-term business coaching, we can give y a bespoke proposal.

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