Creating a future where experience is valued

"In a rapidly ageing world we'll have a more mature workforce and more mature business owners. We will be there supporting each and every one of them, and contributing to an end to ageism at the same time"
Hunter Leonard

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Generation Experience is an AMAZON Best Seller sharing the 8 steps to mature age business success.

The Experience Equation is

a HOT NEW RELEASE on AMAZON and helps you create your own plan for the future. 

In this session you will work one on one with your advisor to prepare your personal plan for a future of work. Using our proprietary FUTURE PLAN methodology


Your coach will work with you one on one and determine if Whether you are just starting or already running a business, in this session we'll review the 8 steps to successful business ownership and help you start on your 8 steps business plan.



Listen to our founders latest podcast interview here
Listen to our founders latest Radio interview here
Listen to our founders latest podcast interview here

Silver & Wise was founded in 2016 by multi-award winning businessman Hunter Leonard.

Our long term aim is to contribute to an end to ageism.

In the short term that is translated into helping one mature age person at a time with either future of work planning, or to start and run a successful business. 

You can take advantage of books, articles, workshops, online courses and a network of experienced mature advisors to help our customers.

Already, thousands of mature Australians have benefited from our workshops, books or courses. And we want to help tens of thousands more - here and around the world. 

We've partnered with organisations such as Australian Business, the Federal Government, and many others to deliver our programs which are based on in depth research of markets and mature individuals.

Since our launch, we've been acknowledged with a #1 AMAZON Best Seller Award as well as being named in both the SMART 100 and COOL 100 Awards from Anthill Magazine. Our first book - Generation Experience - was a finalist in the Australian Career Book Award in 2018. Our second - The Experience Equation - was an immediate hot new seller on AMAZON and is also a finalist in the 2020 Australian Career Book Award. It has also been entered into the 2020 Australian Book Awards.

If you or your organisation needs help in supporting mature people to create a future where their experience is valued reach out to start the conversation. 


Silver & Wise

We currently have licensed mature advisors in NSW and VICTORIA, with the ability to service clients nationally via online meetings

Ashley Hayden - Victoria


Chris Mooney - NSW

Russell Powter - Sydney

Greg Albert - Newcastle/Hunter

We're growing our network of licensed advisers. Please contact us if you are interested.

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