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"For many mature people, the future of
work will be freelancing or starting a
business. Let us guide you on your
journey to self employment with the knowledge of 10000 others just like you"

Hunter Leonard

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Generation Experience is an AMAZON Best Seller sharing the 8 steps to mature age business success.

The Experience Equation is

a HOT NEW RELEASE on AMAZON and helps you create your own plan for the future. 

In this session you will work one on one with your advisor to prepare your personal plan for a future of work. Using our proprietary FUTURE PLAN methodology



Your coach will work with you one on one and determine if Whether you are just starting or already running a business, in this session we'll review the 8 steps to successful business ownership and help you start on your 8 steps business plan.



Listen to our founders latest podcast interview here
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Listen to our founders latest podcast interview here

Are you considering self-employment as a way of securing your future?

Using your skills to freelance, contract or build a portfolio career. Or perhaps starting your own business.

To do this, you will need a new set of skills to add to your existing experience and wisdom.

The future of work is going to see more self employed and business owners out there.

So you will want to be amongst the best to compete and survive.

That is what we do. We'll guide you on the journey using our experience and that of the ten thousand other people just like you that we have surveyed.

Read a book, complete a short course, engage one of our coaches, attend a workshop, join our community. 

Whatever way you do it, you found your tribe. We're here to help.

And we look forward to working with you.

If you or your organisation needs help in supporting mature people to create a future where their experience is valued reach out to start the conversation. 

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Want to be a success at self-employment
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