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Are you considering a future in self-employment? Perhaps freelancing or running your own business?

In the future, more mature people will be choosing self-employment to secure their future. 

But it will be competitive and challenging and you need to be amongst the best to succeed.

We can guide you. Backed by the knowledge of ten thousand others just like you, we have the tools and resources to help you be successfully self-employed.

Read a book, enrol in a course, attend a workshop, engage a coach or simply join our community. 

As the only mature age focussed organisation working in future of work or business coaching, you will be working with people who understand you and want to help.

Silver & Wise offers our own programs, but we are also an accredited supplier with Career Money Life. If your employer is offering outplacement assistance or training, you may be able to access coaching with our team through CML.

Our Services
  • Only use this option if you have already signed up on CML site.

    45 min
  • Thinking about starting a business, or improving an existing one?

    6 hr
    995 Australian dollars
  • Perfect if you want to plan a future in self-employment

    6 hr
    995 Australian dollars
  • An introductory chat for HBA Members only

    15 min
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